Advertising Inflatables

The Yahang Advertising Division of the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. produces a series of outdoor advertisement products, including screen printing products, flags and banners, ad lightboxes, tents, and conference and exhibition souvenir advertising. In addition, the company manufactures inflatable advertisement products such as floating balloons, logo balloons, airships, inflatable lanterns, standing columns, ornamental columns, air dancer balloons, inflatable tents, simulative inflatable models, large inflatable toys, inflatable mascots and archways. 

The division is constantly perfecting their process and continuously introducing talent and technologies to regulate production and management. Adhering to the enterprise's spirit of "striving for excellence in everything we do" and the code of conduct to "foster character before business", we will achieve great success in future ventures with our scientific products.











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