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The Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. independently develops all kinds of latex, water-soluble amino resin, unsaturated polyester, functional coatings and other product series’, all of which have been widely applied in the textile, railway, construction, packaging, building materials, fiberglass industries. Among them, noise dampening for latex paint has been applied in electric locomotives, subways, light railways, automobiles and wind power generators. These products have played a significant role in the process of development and industrialization.

To date, our products include: styrene-acrylic latex, pure benzene latex, acrylic ester copolymer emulsion adhesive, non-woven cloth adhesive, latex for noise-dampening paint, acrylate flexible waterproof coatings and emulsion, new environmentally-friendly white glue, and water soluble amino resin. Our PET substrate special adhesive latex, noise-dampening special emulsion and sealing glue products have the same performance standards as foreign products. The latex for noise-dampening paint has stable performance, outstanding quality and has been the best water-soluble eco-friendly latex for noise-dampening paint in China. It has been certified by the standard inspection of the Ministry of Railways.

Bicomponent Solid Wood Puzzle Glue XSH-301   

Product Properties:

This product is a waterborne high-molecular isocyanate adhesive for wood bonding. As a kind of reactive bicomponent adhesive, it features good initial adhesion and fast-drying speed. After solidification, it is endowed with superb adhesive strength and excellent resistance to water, natural elements and aging.


This product is applied in the manufacturing and bonding of plywood in timber puzzle, splint, wood flooring, wooden doors and windows, solid wood furniture, finger joints, joggle joints, 45°miter joints and wooden crafts. It is especially useful for jointing of timbers including pinewood, birch and water gourd.

Technical specifications:

Appearance: Puzzle glue has a white, even emulsion and the solidified agent is a red sticky liquid.

Basic dosage: 180~250g/m2

Proportion: base: solidified agent=100:(5~10)

Viscosity: base: 7000~20000 mPa.s

Solidified agent: 200~300 mPa.s

Solid content of base: 42%±3%

pH: 6.5~7.5


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