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Zhuzhou Rubber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. Of Chemchina has been producing balloons, rubber hoses and rubber cots since 1970 and is one of only two weather balloon manufacturers in China. After decades of development, it is proud to now introduce the “Hwoyee” product series. The “Hwoyee” series includes products such as the 10g-25 series weather balloon, radar target balloon, scientific research balloon, advertising balloon and pipeline leak stopper.

Our weather balloons have been widely used in meteorological observatories across China. Its highest detection height is over 40,000 meters and its appearance and performance are excellent. Its quality has earned it a good reputation among our clients. In recent years, our weather balloons have been exported to Europe, America, Africa and other Asian countries. All our products are also in compliance with international advanced standards.

Recently, new balloons with small handles have been developed and put into mass production. In 2010, the newly-developed 75Ⅱweather balloons were gradually introduced into meteorological observatories. This series’ products are mainly used for aerological soundings and are capable of detecting all air elements on a pathway by carrying instruments up to 30,000 meters into the upper air. By all indication, our products operate to advanced international standards. In addition, latex ropes for fitness equipment have been exported to many countries in Europe and America.


The weather balloon is mainly made from latex supported with compounding agents at a proper proportion. After being inflated with a certain amount of hydrogen (H) or helium (He), the balloon can detect elements of air at different heights by using an air flotage or radiosonde. It is mainly applied in local/military aerological stations, upper-air weather stations, rawinsonde stations and in the manufacture of weather instruments/equipment supported with weather balloons.

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