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The Engineering Technology Research Center of the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp., also known as the "Zhuzhou Rubber Engineering Technology Research Center", was approved by the Zhuzhou Bureau of Science and Technology in 2009. Aimed at promoting the market competitiveness of the Zhuzhou rubber industry, the center is an important research and development base of industrialization and engineering. It enhances the technical development of the Zhuzhou rubber industry and serves as a guide for transforming scientific and technical achievements into productive forces.

The center now has 30 employees, 23 of whom hold bachelor's degrees or above. This includes eight managers and 22 technical researchers, 10 of whom have senior professional titles.

As an important rubber industrialization and engineering base in Zhuzhou city, the center researches and develops rubber and rubber products, and improves the technology of the rubber industry in Zhuzhou. The center undertakes scientific and technical activities for the Zhuzhou government and cultivates high-level engineers and managers in the rubber industry. It also undertakes technical rubber research, design, and intermediate testing for enterprises, scientific and technical institutes, and institutions of higher learning. In sum, it improves the technical innovation and competitiveness of the Zhuzhou rubber industry.


Picture 1: Blasting machine ZBC-3: with significant improvements in stability and precision, this third generation condom blasting machine can be applied in large-scale testing


Picture 2: Propane combustion apparatus chamber: this advanced domestic inspection device specializes in the testing of flame retardant products


Picture 3: Control cabinet of propane combustion apparatus BW-1


Picture 4: Condom water-inspection device DGX-1: the latest fully-automatic condom water-inspection device utilizes unique techniques

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