Industry-standard Center

The Latex Products Sub-Committee of the National Rubber & Rubber Products Technical Committee for Standardization (Industry Standard Center for short) was approved by the Standardization Administration of China and founded in August 1986. The administrative office of the sub-committee  was set up at the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. It is charged with the standardization of latex products, formulation and revision of standards, and the centralized management of specified departments.

The sub-committee has 54 members, including research institutes, institutions of higher learning, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and individual enterprises. Committee members are mainly scientific and technical personnel specialized in production, application, scientific research, teaching, quality supervision and testing of latex products. They have professional experience with production and testing of latex products, such as latex gloves, condoms, latex sponges and meteorological balloons. The sub-committee consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary general and committee members. The administrative office is composed of a secretary general, a vice secretary general, and two staff. The office is mainly responsible for organizing and participating in the formulation, revision, re-examination, publicity, implementation and explanation of national standards, GJB, and industry standards of physical and chemical testing methods for latex products. In addition, it is responsible for standardizing materials from national and international industry standardization organizations and business connections. Lastly, in addition to standardizing industry technology, it also provides consultation services, publishes relevant national standards and reviews standardization development projects. And it  applies for state supported funds.

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