Business Range


The center’s laboratories test a variety of things: tensile strength, rubber, bursting, aging, fatigue, strength, high and low temperatures, and finished products, and there are rooms for analyzing infrared spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum, gas chromatography, atomic adsorption spectrum, chemicals, standard solutions, and coatings. They are provided with constant temperature and humidity controls to ensure that testing is done under standard conditions.

2.Business scope

The center has accreditation from the Certification and Accreditation Administration to test 110 products across a wide range, including latex (natural and many types of synthetic) and latex products, rubber and rubber products, officinal packaging materials (rubber), automotive V-belts, tire products, rubber seals, coatings, adhesives, and inorganic chemical products.  It is a third-party testing center for national rubber products, coating quality supervision and Accreditation Administration testing and is the authoritative testing agent charged with revising and implementing latex and rubber standards, and for arbitration, licensing, and product accreditation inspections.

3.Instruments and equipment

The center has at least 150 instruments or devices with a total value of 20 million yuan. They include equipment for testing rubber and regular coatings, a 1-million-x electron microscope from Japan’s Nippon Electric Co, a liquid chromatograph from Vought in the US, an infrared spectrometer from Thermo Nicolet Corp in the US, ultraviolet spectrograph from Britain’s Thermo Electron Corp, ozone aging equipment from Germany’s Colloid Environmental Technologies Co, atomic absorption spectrometer, gas chromatograph, coating abrasion instrument, large tonnage tape pull machine, automotive V-belt fatigue testing machine, alcohol burning instruments, and flame retardant and coating testing equipment -- in other words, enough to meet any and all business requirements.


1. Latex and rubber condoms, rubber gloves 

2. Rubber stoppers, conveyer belts, automobile V-belts and tires, O-rings, and other rubber products

3. Inspection of harmful substances in inner and outer wall coatings, all types of base coatings, finishing paints and paint coatings

4. Chemical auxiliaries and reagents

The center is recognized by CNAS and SFDA for assessment, accreditation and metering, the center has been a recognized inspection unit for certification of rubber condoms for the Beijing Zhong Hua Combination Certification Co, and for the registration of rubber condoms for the State Food and Drug Administration, as well as for production licensing of paints, coatings, and rubber products for the National Industrial Product Manufacture Licensing Certificate Office. It tests the protein and dust content of latex products and rubber quality, and formulates and revises standards for latex products, food-grate rubber, and medical rubber products.  

Electronic Tensile Machine                                Electronic Tensile Machine

Condom Blasting Machine                                Condom Blasting Machine 

Aging Test Chamber                               Water Filling Device for Condom Testing


Mooney Test Machine                           Embrittlement Testing Machine 

Ozone Testing Machine                               Infrared Spectrometer

Chemical Analysis Room                               Gas Chromatograph

           Atomic Absorption Machine                              Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer   

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