The Chemical Industry’s Latex Products Testing Center was established in 1986, and got Ministry of Chemical Industry approval in 1989. Then, in 1990, it received State Bureau of Product Quality Technical Supervision, China metrology accreditation. In 1993, the laboratory was put in charge of the inspection of industrial latex products, and its inspection reports got international recognition.

In 2009, we began work on a national Latex Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, on the old ministry-level test center site. It was able to give a demonstration run on May 11, 2011, for the Certification and Accreditation Administration and, in July of that year, received approval for the Supervision and Testing Center from the Administration. Then, in May 2012, the center passed a Certification and Accreditation Administration, and China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), laboratory assessment and, for the past two decades, has been China’s only professional latex product testing lab.

The center has the following: CNAS and SFDA recognition for assessment and metering; Beijing Zhong Hua Combination Certification Co recognition as an inspection site for rubber condom certification; State Food and Drug Administration recognition for rubber condom approval; National Industrial Product Manufacture Licensing Certificate Office recognition for the licensing of paints, coatings, and rubber products. In addition, it has a Hunan Rubber and Rubber Products Quality Supervision and Testing office on site.

The center has 22 employees, seven of them engineers at the senior level or higher and 18 long-term professional latex product testers.

The laboratory covers a 2,400-square-meter area, with 2000 sq m of provided with constant-temperature control. It has more than 150 instruments and devices, valued at more than 20 million yuan, many of them imports, such as electronic tensile machines from the United States and Britain; an ozone testing machine from Germany; infrared spectrometer from the US’ Thermo Nicolet Corp; and ultraviolet spectrograph from Britain’s Thermo Electron Corp. These are the lead in China for their precision and accuracy in testing.

Among its other jobs, the center is responsible for production license inspections, various random inspections, and production quality accreditation inspection for latex, rubber, and paint coating products. Its scope is wide in the field of latex and latex products, including rubber condoms, rubber gloves, latex balloons, pacifiers, and latex sponges.

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