Development Plan

Looking into the future, the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. will continue the development strategy of “industry positioning to strengthen services and technologies for benefits and wealth.” The company will support the active implementation of talent to drive development. Using the research and cultivation of meteorological balloons as our core industry, we will achieve sustainable and fast development. Our mid-term business plan is:

1. To become a first-rate Chinese and global manufacturing company of meteorological balloons, to develop into the world’s only enterprise producing meteorological balloons with infusion processes and new methodologies, strive for a dominant share of the global meteorological balloon market;

2. Revenue target: over RMB 150 million,

Total benefits target: exceed RMB 20 million within 3-5 years;

3. Sales target of synthetic emulsion: over 5,000 tons;

4. Sales target of synthetic rubber products: over RMB 30 million;

5. Target for testing & inspection revenue: over RMB 10 million.

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