Established in 1964, the Zhuzhou Rubber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. of ChemChina. (originally the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute of Rubber & Plastic, the Ministry of Chemical Industry) is one of the first of 242 transformed research institutes in China. It was converted into an enterprise in 1999 and now is a member company of the China Chemical Rubbers Corporation. Located at 818 East Xinhua Road, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, it covers a floor area of 4,0000 square meters. Its assets total over 130 million yuan, with annual revenue of over 80 million yuan. 

As the sole professional institute of the rubber and plastics industry in China, we are the unit responsible for developing, manufacturing and producing military support products in the Chinese latex industry and new high-tech industry. We are also the centralized department authorized by the Chemical Industry Latex Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, Technical Information Center and Standardization Technologies. In addition we are the designated research and manufacturing enterprise for meteorological balloons authorized by the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and Meteorological and Hydrographic Department of General Staff Headquarters. We are also one of two meteorological balloon manufacturers in China. Our facilities also house the Chemical Industry Latex Products Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the Authorization Station of Hunan Rubber and Rubber Products Quality Supervision and Inspection, and the Hunan Quality Inspection Station for Medical Rubber Packaging Materials.

Our company specializes in research, development, production and testing of meteorological balloons complemented with latex products, polymer-based composites and synthetic rubber products. The products mainly include meteorological balloons of all specifications, tooling kits, rubber hoses, synthetic rubber products, advertising inflatable products and polymer-based composites. Our services include consigned and arbitration inspection of rubbers and rubber products, accreditation and testing of research and development achievements of products, technical services, system accreditation, mandatory accreditation, consultation of product authentication, and research and development of rubber condom related inspection plants. Our scientific research and manufacturing license covers weapons and military supplies and have therefore received secondary secrecy qualification certificates for weapons and military supplies. Our meteorological balloons have got the ISO9001 Quality System Qualification, Certificate of Conformity of Quality System, and the Military Product Supplier Certificate. Our products have been exported to Eastern Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and other regions. 

Our four institutes mainly focused on latex products, synthetic rubber products, synthetic materials and engineering design, and we have over 180 technicians, including more than 100 midlevel and senior technicians and eight experts receiving government subsidies from the State Council. Since its establishment, we have followed the principle of “industry positioning to strengthen services and technologies for benefits and wealth.” In total, we have completed more than 300 scientific research projects. Among them, over 60 projects were awarded at the state and provincial level, playing a very significant role in the development of the latex industry and national defense. For example, our model 75 radar target balloons were granted the Great Contribution Award by the National Scientific Congress; our 750g natural latex sounding balloons were honored with the National Excellent New Products award; a certain model of our military support products is utilized in the “Shenzhou V” inhabited spacecraft and was rewarded by the PLA General Armament Department; and our self-developed “New Sounding Balloon” fulfills domestic deficiencies and has been granted the Second Prize for Scientific Development by the China Meteorological Administration.

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