Caring for Society

For the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, benefits are not the only thing. We want to progress along with our employees, and, to do that, we make an enormous effort in every way for economic growth, a better work environment, and better corporate culture, to name just a few things.

Economic growth

One of the basic values of the company is innovation, which lies at the heart of our growth. We commercialize our new ideas to meet market demand and this benefits us a great deal. Two examples of this are our unique 1600G weather balloon, which brought revenues of more than 3 million yuan, and our 2000G weather balloon, which debuted at the 8th WMO International Radiosonde Comparison, and which out-performed some advanced Japanese developments. We also developed sound-dampening paint for electric locomotives after China came up with plans for the world’s largest high-speed railway network, and this brought in about 2 million yuan in revenues.

Work environment

Our employees can only flourish in a sound work environment, which is why we have spent so much on greenery and fitness facilities. To help employees achieve a balance between life and work, we've built a sports ground and an indoor fitness center.

Corporate culture

We support our company culture and founding values. We put people first, and our innovations and hard work have all reflected and followed our basic beliefs.

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