Composite Material Products

In terms of synthetic materials, we are mainly engaged in the research and development of adhesives for civil engineering synthetic materials, waterproof latex coatings, textiles chemicals, resin and other varieties. Our main products include styrene-acrylic latex and pure benzene latex for wall coatings, acrylic ester copolymer emulsion adhesive, non-woven cloth adhesive, latex for noise-dampening paint, acrylate flexible waterproof coatings and emulsion, new environmentally-friendly white glue, and water-soluble amino resin.

The civil engineering synthetic materials are a new type of material with wide applications. Apart from water conservancy and traffic, it can also be applied in environmental protection, agriculture, building and mining. Currently, synthetic emulsion adhesives for civil engineering materials derive mostly from the German-based BSF's products. In order to produce this emulsion, many chemical manufacturers from national institutes intend to develop an emulsion similar to BSF products. However, in view of the customer’s demands, no domestic manufacturer is capable of identically manufacturing products that match the BSF series’ performance.

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