Latex Products

Our latex products mainly include meteorological balloons, rubber gloves, condoms, tooling cots, rubber hoses and steel drum sealant. We are a leader in the development of meteorological balloons in China and continue to make advancements in global markets, and the products conform to advanced international standards. With its rich experience in research and production of meteorological balloons, the institute is a key component in maintaining a competitive technical edge in research and manufacturing. It has successfully completed over 200 programs, including the "750g Natural Rubber Sounding Balloon", "Radar Target Balloon", "Development and Application Research for Three Kinds of Materials such as Special Rubber Waterproof Collar", and other projects. In the past three years, it has undertaken and finished various provincial projects, including the "5hPa Meteorological Balloon", "Meteorological Balloons for Bad Weather" and "Powerless Meteorological Balloons." The company has been developing new latex products, increasing product ranges, and improving the technologies of products to meet market demands. We will continue to improve our services and latex product technologies in China.

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