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In the sector of synthetic rubbers, we boast a collection of advanced equipment for R&D, experimentation, inspection and testing. The equipment mainly includes diversified production lines for Banbury mixers, extrusion & rolling, vacuum vulcanization and compression molding, defleshers, cleaning machines, sand blast apparatuses and other supporting facilities. Our compression molding machines and cleaning machines were purchased from Italy RVTIL and NICOMAC in 1998. The inspection and testing equipment mainly include a fatigue testing machine, ozone ageing machine, rubber process analyzer, Mooney viscometer, EMS (electron microscope), electronic pulling tester, high temperature liquid chromatography (HTLC) and infrared spectroscopy (IR) apparatus.


Fatigue testing machine


Ozone ageing machine


Rubber analyzer


Mooney viscometer

Main scientific achievements and product introduction

Silicon rubber high-pressure pipe

Silicon rubber high-pressure pipe is a new variety developed by Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. in recent years. The rubbers are made from high molecular polymer and its safe working temperature range is -40℃~220℃, and it won’t be aged or hardened due to insufficient temperature tolerance. To achieve high-pressure resistance, around three to four layers of nylon mesh are added inside during production, greatly strengthening the resistance of pipes to high pressure and temperature. Each pipe can work normally under the pressure of four bar at least. In the in-factory safety test, the maximum pressure is eight bar at 98 degrees Celsius and the expansion rate is no more than 10 percent under three hours of constant pressure. The products are widely used in high-performance autos and locomotives. Compared with the original pieces, this pipe boasts at least doubled performance in safe use and resistance to high pressure and temperature. The product series includes short-straight pipe, screwed pipe, reducer pipe, standard 45° pipe, 90° elbow pipe, 135° elbow pipe, reducing nozzle, vacuum tube and standard long straight pipe.



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