Talent Strategy

Core Concept:

The most valuable assets at the Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute, ChemChina Rubber Corp. are our human resources. They are the core of our entire enterprise. We believe that “the prosperity of the company is rooted in our talent” and the institute seeks to progress together with our employees.

Core Position:

Career – We believe in making the best use of our talent. To do so, we strive to build a fair competition platform that helps each and every employee achieve their full potential.

Salaries – We execute different models of payment distribution based on unique job responsibilities in order to provide reasonable salaries and fringe benefits for employees with different skills.

Culture – We foster an excellent corporate culture to consistently strengthen the affinity and cohesion of the enterprise.

Affection – We genuinely care about our employees. Every year we hold an employee meeting and set up a suggestion box to enhance communication with workers.

Environment – As a provincial and civilized health unit, the institute is equipped with a basketball court, badminton field, yoga room and fitness center surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Talent Concept:

Competency yields talent

Innovation demonstrates excellent skills

Incentive System:

By linking the salary distribution system with performance, we provide extensive room for employee development.

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