HY1600 Meteorological Balloon Received Good Reputation for 10 Successive Years
Source: 株洲院 Author: 株洲院 Date: 2016-12-07

  From 31st Oct to 1st Nov 2016, the National GCOS Meteorological Balloon Launching Forum was hold in Zhuzhou of Hunan province. Observation department of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the aerological sounding center, and meteorological bureaus from  eight provinces (Beijing, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Tibet, Hubei, Yunnan and Hunan), and meteorological observations experts from GCOS stations around China participated in this forum.

  During the meeting, related department of CMA published quality evaluation report for HY1600 meteorological balloon manufactured by our company. In the report, it provided detailed evaluation to flying height and quality of HY1600 balloon launched in existing GCOS stations. Experts participated in the forum had in-depth discussion to some key issues like launching technology and factors that might have influence to flying height of meteorological balloon, and they also went to Changsha aerological station to view and emulate on-site launching of balloon. Participants held a unanimous belief that HY1600 meteorological balloon manufactured by us for more than 10 years was qualified and had stable bursting height, its performance fully met requirements of GCOS stations. 

  In the 2014-2020 Development Planning of the Integrated Meteorological Observation System, CMA put forward exactly that, to the year of 2020, the degree of accuracy of the integrated observation capacity must meet technical requirements of GCOS. As a national enterprise concentrated on researching and manufacturing of meteorological balloons, we must take the initiative to walk ahead. In 2002, we concentrated the scientific research strength of our company to develop a new-type balloon, and in 2005, we successfully developed HY1600 meteorological balloon which could meet sounding height requirement of GCOS for 5hPa. Past ten years, we concentrated on providing high quality product and service to customers and realized continuous improvement. We visited all GCOS stations, provided on-site guidance for balloon launching, and kept on collecting feedback of customers to make technical analysis and quality improvement. Up to now, HY1600 meteorological balloon manufactured by us had been used for more than 10 years by those GCOS stations like Hailar and Erenhot (Mongolia), Minqin (Gansu), Kashi (Xinjiang), Naqu (Tibet), Kunmin (Yunnan) and Yichang (Hubei). All these demonstrated strong technical strength of us and they reflected exactly commitment of CMA to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

  GCOS is an acronym for Global Climate Observing System. In 1997, to get stable and long-term meteorological factors from upper atmosphere and meet research needs of the global scale weather systems, the Commission for Basic Systems of WMO selected 161 stations to constitute a GCOS network based on long-term running state and areal distribution of global weather stations. In China, there are eight weather stations that had been included into GCOS network. 

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