2016 China Latex Technology and Market Symposiums was Hold Successfully in Zhuzhou
Source: 株洲院 Author: 株洲院 Date: 2017-01-03

On December 10 to 11, 2016 China Latex Technology and Market Symposiums co-sponsored by China Rubber Technology Network and us was hold successfully in Zhuzhou. Concentrated on the theme of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, technology innovation and integrative development, more than 80 experts from across the country participated in the symposium and had an in-depth discussion to development direction and technological progress of the latex industry.  

On the symposium, leading experts in the latex industry made academic presentation, technicians from our company made two special reports (1.Development and Introduction to Meteorological Balloon; 2. Latex Inspection and Maintenance of Equipment). After a visiting to our company, representatives presented at the meeting had a professional debate concerning about the question: what is more important to rubber industry, dry rubber or latex?

This symposium broke the routine, it emphasized the significance of both dry rubber and latex and enabled representatives presented at the meeting have a better understanding to development history of China rubber industry. The successful holding of this symposium set up a bridge between dry rubber industry and latex industry, which will push together development of China rubber industry.

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