Enhance the Sense of Responsibility, Advance the work of Party Building with All Strength
Source: 株洲院 Author: 株洲院 Date: 2017-06-21

To make the instructions of Part Committees of the Group Company and Haohua Chemical Group on strengthening party building work more practicable and advance party building work of our company to a new step, on 5th May, our company hold a regular meeting for party building work to study and carry out documents released by superiors, decompose aim and task of party building work comprehensively, discuss key issues at the current period. The meeting was hold by Liang Yong, who was the deputy secretary of party committee and the secretary of discipline inspection commission. Totally 27 people from relevant departments took part in this meeting.

Establish a system for quarterly regular meeting is also one of the most important work for the party committee to strengthen party building work.

On the meeting, participants studied work focus of party committees of the group company and Haohua Chemical Group in the year of 2017, understand key tasks of China Chemical Corporation on 2017 party building work, and learned video meetings of the provincial party committee and municipal party committee. 

On the meeting, party branch secretaries from primary levels reported their work concerning about implementation of party building work of the company in the first quarter of 2017. Meanwhile, the company party building committee deployed a series of plans including completion of upgrading of party member activity room and implementation of party member development plan, etc.

Sun Jianhua, the secretary of party committee and general manager of our company, strengthened that, the key task for party building work is to enhance party members’ sense of responsibility and speed up building work and perfect responsibility system. Now and in future, we must unified the work of party building and company management, continually promote in-depth combination of party building work and production management. Party workers at all levels shall keep their responsibility, reinforce theoretic study, keep innovating their thoughts and working ways. Sun Jianhua also strengthened that, special attention shall be paid on implementing the eight rules of the central committee, continually advancing the building of CPC party work style and anti-corruption work.    
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