Company participated in 2018 World Meteorological Technology Exposition
Source: 株洲院 Author: 株洲院 Date: 2018-12-18

 From October 9th to 11th, the company participated in the 2018 World Meteorological Technology Exposition held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The exposition was jointly organized by the British Meteorological Technology International Magazine and HMEI Association of the World Meteorological Organization. There were more than 110 exhibiting companies, most of which were meteorological equipment manufacturers in the meteorological fields across the world. During the exposition, experts from meteorological agencies of various countries participated in the CIMO-TECO conference held by WMO.

At the exposition, the company widely publicized the company’s conventional balloon products, small-handle balloon products and NSL near space series products by way of posters, brochures, physical samples and video animations, and received and in-depth communicated with visitors from more than 20 countries such as the United States, Germany, Netherlands, France, India and Turkey. Meanwhile, officers from World Meteorological Organization and relevant leaders of China Meteorological Administration also visited the stand and gave high evaluation and concern to the products and development of the company. The expected effect of promoting the company and its products had been realized at the exposition.

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