Company attended the 4th Military-Civilian Integrative Exhibition and successfully entered into coop
Source: 株洲院 Author: 株洲院 Date: 2018-12-18

From October 8th, 2018to 15th, the 4th Military-Civilian integrative Development of High-Tech Equipment Achievements Exhibition and Forum was held in the Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution. The exhibition was jointly hosted by eight units including Central Military-Civilian Integrative Development Committee Office, Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department, State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and it was the most authoritative comprehensive and exemplary national exhibition in the field of military-civilian integrative weapons and equipment.

According to reports, this exhibition had exhibited the latest achievements of military-civilian integrative development in the strategic fundamental fields in recent years. Four thematic exhibition areas such as advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, new energy and controllable self-weight were set up, and a total of 302 units and 1349 exhibits were exhibited. Under the unified organization of the Science and Technology Department of the group company, our company jointly participated in the exhibition with total 9 units of the group. Through careful planning and production in the early stage, our company’s NSL-40 sounding balloon and floating fixed-height round-trip detection technology were sufficiently introduced and exhibited to the leaders of the Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and various military industrial groups through video animation.

The Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department said that, in the future, it would continue to strengthen the matching of supply and demand, identify the application direction, excavate the potential of enterprises, facilitate project cooperation, and promote the transformation and application of advanced technology products, so as to make military-civilian integrative enterprise have a real sense of gain, and to effectively promote the implementation of the innovation-driven and military-civilian integrative development strategy. Our company would also stand on the height of serving national defense construction, continue to actively respond to the State’s military-civilian integrative strategy, seize the opportunity of military-civilian integrative development, actively promote the implementation of signed projects, and achieve tangible results in military-civilian integrative business cooperation.

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